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Jul 15th 7:23am • No Comments


New ranger project shows success at Manyara in Tanzania


A new ranger project that employs locals is proving successful in Tanzania. This report (2:53) shows the rangers in action. Using local scouts because of the in-depth knowledge of the area has bought elephant poaching down to almost non-existent levels.

Jul 15th 7:23am • No Comments

Tonight's guests in the Wayo Africa Tarangire green camp! The Zapp family traveling round the world in style!

Jun 28th 1:01pm • 2 Comments

"Janine let's just say if you..." on their own photo.

Jun 28th 12:55pm • No Comments

Tonight's guests in the Wayo Africa Tarangire Green Camp!

Jun 28th 12:48pm • No Comments

Tarangire camp in place...but then did you expect just a tent under a tree from Wayo Africa? Never!

Jun 27th 11:42am • 3 Comments

My view! Miles and miles of Africa!

Jun 26th 6:56am • 7 Comments

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