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Wayo Africa is now offering an all inclusive premium package of drinks in all of the camps. A great way to wind down after an exciting day on safari.

May 28th 1:37pm • No Comments

Wayo Africa shared Serengeti National Park Tanzania's photo.

Serengeti National Park Tanzania

Adult dung beetles spend their days buzzing about in the
Serengeti following grazing animals and looking for nice fresh
dung. When they see some, they land and burrow into it,
building a ball of dung and soil. The beetle then turns, stands
on its head, and rolls the ball away using its back legs. After
traveling a distance from a meter to a hundred meters, the
beetle finds a suitable patch of soil, digs a tunnel, rolls the
dung ball down and lays an egg on the dung.(www.serengeti.org)
Photography by @mikesinca
#Africa #Serengeti #hardatwork #tanzaniaparks #visittanzania #dungbeetle #wu_africa#furrendsupclose

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Mid-term break in Manyara

Mid-term break at Manyara


Take a well deserved break away from school and check out Lake Manyara National Park

May 21st 1:40pm • No Comments

What a day! Canoeing on Small Momella lake with a large audience of Giraffe waiting to greet us.

May 20th 7:36am • No Comments

Wayo Africa just won the Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor - Well done Wayo Africa team! Its all you that makes this happen! #COE2015

May 19th 7:35pm • 2 Comments

Success! The first mountain bike trip from the new Activity centre at Rivertrees. If you love mud, now is the time to hit the tracks in Mt Meru forest. So much fun to be had!

May 16th 12:36pm • No Comments

Wayo's new mountain bikes have arrived at Rivertrees. Karibu if you want come mountain biking in the beautiful Meru forest.

May 15th 1:48pm • 1 Comment

And so it starts! Roadtrip Tanzania

May 13th 10:38am • 2 Comments

Wayo Africa guides en-route to Dar Es Salaam to collect the Roadtrip Tanzania vehicles for the start of this exciting new venture! www.roadtriptanzania.com

May 11th 9:03am • 10 Comments

Roadtrip Tanzania - Self Drive Safaris

Roadtrip Tanzania


Drive your own adventure

May 8th 11:07am • No Comments

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