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Join Paul and Wayo Africa for a fun weekend in Lake Manyara National Park on a photographic workshop.

Paul Johnson-Hicks Tanzanian resident photographic workshop based out of the Manyara Green Camp


You are living in Tanzania, on the doorstep of the best wildlife viewing possible. You have a nice camera (or not) and don't quite know what all those buttons do and when to press them? Join Paul Joynson-Hicks this May weekend on a unique and exclusive to six guests only photographic workshop. Wayo…

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JOB OPPORTUNITY! Wayo Africa is looking for a fun and enthusiastic person to join our team based out of Arusha on a full time basis. The position will mainly be marketing related focusing on social media but will also be the management of a new department we will announce soon :) Contact Jean on jean@wayoafrica.com for more information.

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Sighting of the Week:
The sighting of the week this week comes from guide Joshua and guest from their safari in the Serengeti. Both tired from a day of game driving, they considered joining this lazy leopard but luckily thought better of it!
For more information about game drives in the Serengeti and Wayo's amazing Nabi Camp go to, www.wayoafrica.com

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Activity of the Week: Cycling Safari
Come and join Wayo Africa on one of our amazing cycling safaris, where our guides will take you through the luscious forests of Meru or down the Great Rift Valley wall. These rides are designed to explore the wildlife of Tanzania as well as give you a cultural experience you will never forget!
For more about Wayo's Cycling Safaris, jump over to http://wayoafrica.com/our-activities/Cycling-Safari.htm

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Join one of Africas top experiences, a 5-day walking safari in the remote wilderness zone of the Serengeti National Park with walking guide Jean Du Plessis.

Serengeti walking safari with Jean Du Plessis


The Serengeti walking zone is one of the least explored areas in Tanzania's wilderness. This June, as the annual migration turns North walking guide Jean Du Plessis will host a 5-day walking safari for a small exclusive group.  Join Jean and the Wayo Africa mobile camping crew for this experience of…

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Tanzanian Resident's Special: Starting this weekend, come and join Wayo Africa in the amazing Manyara and Nabi Green Camp at amazing prices.

Wayo Africa's Resident Specials


For Tanzanian Residents looking for a getaway, look no further than these amazing resident specials from Wayo Africa in Manyara and the Serengeti!  For more information about our resident specials, just contact us! 

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Sighting of the Week:
Another sighting this week by Wayo guide Joseph. This dark skin giraffe was spotted cooling by the lake in Manyara National Park. Did you know that, much like a human's fingerprint, no two giraffes have the same spots? What do you find interesting about giraffes?

If you want to have a giraffe experience of your own with Wayo's highly esteemed guides, go to: http://wayoafrica.com/

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Activity of the Week: Canoeing Safari
Imagine gliding across a lake, peacefully watching herds of animals by the water's edge. It sounds alright to us! Wayo Africa's canoeing safari is one of the most enriching experiences for those looking to explore the Tanzanian landscape and wildlife.

For more information about Wayo's Canoeing Safari, go to: http://wayoafrica.com/our-activities/Canoe-Safari.htm

Feb 2nd 6:15am • 2 Comments

Sighting of the week: Look what our guide Prim spotted in Manyara National Park! Some lazy lions! Hope you all have the chance for some laziness this weekend!

To find out more about Wayo's Manyara Camp and how you can travel and see the sights of Tanzania, go to: http://wayoafrica.com/Accommodations-Tanzania/manyara-green-camp.htm

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Join us in the Manyara Green Camp for a fun family weekend over Easter!

Resident specials: Manyara Green Camp Easter break!


The Wayo Africa Manyara Green Camp is located in the South of Manyara National Park no more than a 2.5 hour easy drive from Arusha. It is the perfect place for a weekend in the bush. Enjoy game drives, evenings on the river bank and around a campfire.US$75 per person per night!(Kids under 12 years 5…

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